International Ascites Club Working Rules

1. The original name of the Club was “International Ascites Club”

Since November 2005 the name of the club has been changed to:

International Club of Ascites where ascites means:






End-Stage liver failure

2. The purposes of the Club are:

a) development of a precise terminology regarding diagnosis, pathophysiology and therapy of ascites, its complications, and all the other severe complications of advanced liver disease which can be comprised in the term acute-on-chronic liver failure;

b) facilitation, standardization and coordination of high-quality clinical trials in the study and treatment of ascites;

c) development of multicenter research projects;

d) organization of meetings devoted to bring together investigators interested in the study and treatment of ascites, hepatorenal syndrome and any complications characteristic of the patients with advanced liver failure.

3. Membership to the club will be open to everyone who has scientific interest in ascites, sodium and water retention, renal dysfunction in liver disease, and acute-on-chronic liver failure. Members of the IAC are expected to attend one meeting every two.

4. The officials of the club consist of one Secretary-Treasurer and 5 Scientific Committee Members, two from Europe, two from America and one from another geographic area. At least one of the members should be a clinical or basic investigator on renal function. The treasurer can also be an additional member chosen among the members of the previous committees.

5. The secretary and the scientific committee members are elected by the general assembly for the duration of 4 years and cannot be immediately re-elected.

6. The organizational location of the club would be the secretary’s office.

7. The secretary and a local committee member will be responsible for the organization of each meeting. The secretary and the scientific committee members will be the responsible for the scientific program.

8. The official meeting of the IAC should be organized every 18 months, possibly in conjunction with another international meeting of Hepatology (AASLD or EASLD annual meetings). The time and place of the meeting will be decided by the general assembly two years in advance.

9. The local committee can suggest topics and speakers but the final program is the responsibility of the scientific committee. Most of the meetings of the IAC should be devoted to topics under rapid development.

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