Workshop on “The Management of Renal Dysfunction in Patients with Cirrhosis” (13th-15th December 2012, Padova-Venice, Italy)

Current address: Dept. of Medicine, University of Padova, via Giustiniani 2, cap 35128 Padova (Italy)
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Workshop on
“The Management of Renal Dysfunction in Patients with Cirrhosis”
(13th-15th December 2012, Padova-Venice, Italy)
Padova 14th December 2012 (8.30 – 17.00)
Welcome and introduction
P. Angeli (Padova, Italy)
Chair: V. Arroyo (Barcelona, Spain), M. Bernardi (Bologna, Italy)
8.30-11.00 1st Session: Round Table on clinical relevance of an increase in serum creatinine to a final value below 1.5 mg/dl in patients with cirrhosis: comparison among new available data
- M. Guevara (Barcelona, Spain)
- S. Piano (Padova, Italy)
- G. Garcia-Tsao (New Haven, CT, USA)
- F. Wong (Toronto, Canada)
- S.  Sarin (New Dehli, India)
Chair: R. Moreau (Paris, France), F. Wong (Toronto, Canada)
11.00-13.30 2nd Session: What about the new tools for the differential diagnosis among the different phenotypes of acute renal failure in patients with cirrhosis?
- Subclinical acute tubular necrosis in patients with cirrhosis (R. Kim, Rochester, MN, USA)
- The potential role of human neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) (P. Gines, Barcelona, Spain)
- The potential role of cistatin C (A. Gerbes, Munich, Germany)
- The role of renal biopsy in patients with cirrhosis: (R. Moreau, Paris, France)
13.30-14.30 Lunch
14.30-17.00 3rd Session: New insights in the pathophysiology of HRS
Chair: G. Thiene (Padova, Italy)
“Giovanni Battista Morgagni” State of the art lecture: Peripheral arterial vasodilation: new molecular mechanisms (R. W. Schrier, Denver, CO, USA)
Chair: P. Gines (Barcelona, Spain), A. Gatta (Padova, Italy)
- The role of the impairment of cardiac output (V. Arroyo, Barcelona, Spain)
- Reduced cardiac contractility: molecular mechanisms (S. Lee, Calgary, Canada)
- Beside renal hypoperfusion: the role of inflammation (R. Mookerjee, London, U.K)
Venice 15th December 2012 (8.30 – 13.30)
Chair: G. Garcia-Tsao (New Haven, CT, USA), R. W. Schrier (Denver, CO, USA)
8.30-11.00 4th Session: How can we better finalize the diagnosis of HRS?
- When should be started the plasma volume expansion? (F. Salerno, Milano, Italy)
- How to monitor the plasma volume expansion? (P. Caraceni, Bologna, Italy)
- What about the 2.5 mg/dl cut-off for the diagnosis of type 1 HRS? (T.D. Boyer, Tucson, AZ, USA)
- What about the diagnosis of HRS in patients with chronic kidney disease? (K. Moore, London, UK)
Chair: T.D. Boyer (Tucson, AZ, USA), G. Laffi (Firenze, Italy)
11.00-13.30 5th Session: How can we better finalize the treatment of HRS?
- When type 2 HRS should be treated with terlipressin and albumin? (M. Bernardi, Bologna, Italy)
- How to monitor the treatment with terlipressin and albumin? (P. Gines, Barcelona, Spain)
- How to manage priority allocation to liver transplantation in responders? (P. Angeli, Padova, Italy)
- How to manage the non response? (F. Durand, Paris, France)
Conclusive remarks
A. Gatta (Padova, Italy), V. Arroyo (Barcelona, Spain)
13.30-14.30 Lunch
Scientific Committee of the International Club of Ascites
· Carlo Alessandria (Torino, Italy)
· Paolo Angeli (Padova, Italy)
· Adrian Gadano (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
· Ray Kim (Rochester, MN, USA)
· Alexander Krag (Copenaghen, Demnark)
· Arun Sanyal (Richmond, VA, USA)
· Shiv Sarin (New Dehli, India)
· Paolo Angeli (Padova, Italy)
· Vicente Arroyo (Barcelona, Spain)
· Mauro Bernardi (Bologna, Italy)
· Thomas D. Boyer (Tucson, AZ, USA)
· Paolo Caraceni (Bologna, Italy)
· Francois Durand (Paris, France)
· Gudalupe Garcia-Tsao (New Haven, CT, USA)
· Angelo Gatta (Padova, Italy)
· Alexander Gerbes (Munich, Germany)
· Pere Gines (Barcelona, Spain)
· Monica Guevara (Barcelona, Spain)
· Ray Kim (Rochester, MN, USA)
· Giacomo Laffi (Firenze, Italy)
· Sam Lee (Calgary, Canada)
· Raj Mookerjee (London, UK)
· Kevin Moore (London, UK)
· Richard Moreau (Paris, France)
· Salvatore Piano (Padova, Italy)
· Francesco Salerno (Milano, Italy)
· Shiv Sarin (New Delhi, India)
· Robert W. Schrier (Denver, CO, USA)
· Gaetano Thiene (Padova, Italy)
· Florence Wong (Toronto, Canada)
International Club of Ascites Workshop venue:
- on 14th December: Aula Morgagni, Policlinico Universitario, Via Giustiniani 2, Padova (Italy)
- on 15 th December: Giustiniani Palace Hotel, Venice (Italy) Santa Croce, San Stae, 2070, Venice (Italy)
The event will take place under the auspices of:
- Regione Veneto (Italy)
- University of Padova (Italy)
- Italian Association for the Study of Liver Disease (AISF)
- Foundation “Lionello Forin Hepatos
Sponsorships for the International Club of Ascites Workshop:
- Ikaria USA (major sponsor)
- Grifols Europe
- Kedrion Italy
- Novartis Italy