Proposed IAC and EASL pre-meeting April 22, 2009

Topic: “Bacterial infections and ascites”

Chairs: Mauro Bernardi (Italy) and Samuel Lee (Canada) (presentations 15min each, followed by open discussion from floor 10-15min)

1. 0900-0905h: Introduction – Mauro Bernardi

2. 0905-0925h: Gut microflora in cirrhosis – Jose Such, Spain

3. 0925-0950: Sepsis and SIRS – JL Vincent, Belgium

4. 0950-1015: Gut bacterial translocation: mechanisms and consequences – Rainer Wiest, Germany

1015-1030: coffee break

5. 1030-1100: Infections and pathogenesis of hepatorenal syndrome: Soeren Moeller, Denmark

6. 1100-1155: Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis management consensus building:

A) antibiotic treatment choices – discussion led by Paolo Angeli, Italy.

B) Albumin infusion yes or no? – discussion led by Monica Guevara, Spain.

C) Primary prophylaxis treatment – discussion led by Shiv Sarin, India (Each discussion leader will summarize the state-of-the art and propose recommendations in 5-7min and this will be followed by discussion from the floor)

7. 1155-1200: Summary and conclusion: Sam Lee